Finca Cojobas
Carretera Ramal 627, km. 4.2
Sabana Hoyos, PR, 00688
Finca Cojobas


Carretera Ramal 627, km. 4.2, Sabana Hoyos, PR, 00688

Courtesy of Coldwell Banker @ Kendall

Price: $ 2,500,000

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Finca Cojobas, a 53.04-acre industrial farm located in Barrio Arrozal in Sabana Hoyos, Puerto Rico- agricultural buildings, plantations, and two residential properties. Finca Cojobas has Ranch #1 built in 2002 two level structure with a cement base, steal structure and galvalume 38’ x 370’, an Automatic Control system to feed, water intake, illumination, ventilation with thermostats and egg collection in addition to Thermo-Acoustic Roof. Ranch #2 built in 2009 a two-level structure, cement base, steal structure and galvalume 40’ x 350‘with capability of 28,000 sq. ft. for plant/animals’, exact description as Ranch #1. There’s two- one level unarmed buildings with Thermos-Acoustic roofs of 250’ x 36’, 9,000 sq. ft. each one and ventilation units too. The water supply is as follows: 3 circular cement Tanks with the capability to hold up to 32,800 gallons of water each. The farm also has a Water Well of 650’ deep with a steal cladding. It has a submersible pump, Gold Pump Brand and a 7.5 HP potency, phase voltage 360 V A.C. and it has a three-phase net electric sensor operation with a feeding three-phase electric feeding cable with submarine characteristics.

Property Type
  • Luxury Listings
  • Garage/covered parking
  • Multi story
  • Garden
  • Garage
  • Guest house/lodge
  • Landscaped
  • Terrace
  • Air conditioning
  • Internet wiring
  • Forest or woods
  • Balcony / deck
  • Gated community
  • Pets allowed
  • Fruit trees
  • Fenced
  • Quiet location
  • Well
  • Generator
Additional Information about Finca Cojobas

In addition, the farm has a Diesel electricity generating plant Perkins brand and Caterpillar motor with a 60 KVA potency and a 230-voltage output with an Automatic Start Control System. A second three-phase Diesel generating plant Taylor Brand and Perkins motor of 60 KVA of a 120/240 V A.C. voltage output. There is also an irrigation system designed by NRCS – Natural Resources Conservation Services to irrigate for the planting of ornamental plants. Finca Cojobas includes 7 acres of ornamental plants and palm trees. The residences: 1- 2 story primary home: 4 bedrooms/ 2 baths. Three terraces, living room, dining room, kitchen and a 4-car garage. A 1 story home: 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, kitchen and a 2-car garage. Finca Cojobas is an ideal farm for Medicinal Cannabis grow project- it is far from the maddening crowd added to all the above assets described.


Carretera Ramal 627, km. 4.2, Sabana Hoyos, PR, 00688
Carretera Ramal 627, Km. 4.2 Sabana Hoyos Puerto Rico 00688
Phone: (305) 596-3333 FINCA COJOBAS Map
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FINCA COJOBAS Listed by: Coldwell Banker @ Kendall

Sabana Hoyos, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico